Advice on becoming a bartender to earn some extra cash?

AccountantLady asked:

I’m a college student but I could really use a night job as a bartender to earn some extra cash. Can anyone give me advice on a good school to go to? (I’m in Philly).) Does the school help you find a job? Do you enjoy being a bartender? Is it easy? Any info would really help this clueless girl out! (Most informative gets best answer!) Grazie!

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4 Responses to “Advice on becoming a bartender to earn some extra cash?”

  1. Huncho Says:

    nar dont do it

  2. BAKER B Says:

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  3. Paul T Says:

    It is better if you get your training in a restaurant rather than some bartender school. Start off cocktailing or be a barback. Offer to help behind the bar for training, offer to take the crappy shifts as a fill-in. Once you get some time behind the bar you will be more useful to your restaurant, pretty soon you will get better shifts where you can start making some decent money.
    Attractive girls make great bartenders, and if you turn out to be good: like paying attention to your customers and being friendly. You can make a killing.
    If you enjoy the service industry it is a lot of fun.
    Bartending schools are pretty much a rip-off. They’ll teach you to bartend sure, but you can practice pouring the proper shot at home. Pick up a recipe book and learn on your own.
    They might say they’ll find you a job, but all they do is look through the want ads and give you what is there already. You can do that for yourself.

  4. Len E Says:

    Google AdSense? Are you kidding? The question is about bartending you moron.

    I have to agree with Paul T, but if you want to get there in a hurry… apply for a barback position in a club or bar. NOT a bar/restaurant. Then get a current drink recipe book, make a list of all the drinks you’ve heard of, then transcribe them to flash cards.

    Eat, drink, and sleep with these cards. Once you’ve had a few weeks behind the bar as a barback, you MAY be ready. Chicks really don’t have to be good bartenders to make money, just big flirts.

    Yes it’s a blast, yes it’s easy, but it can be stressful in the beginning. Just take a shot, you’ll get past it.

    Flash cards and 3 weeks as a barback will give you 10 times the experience you’ll get at a bartenders school. Good luck!

    Your Favorite Bartender


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